Who is Bandana Bob?

If you’re asking about me: As the daughter of an art teacher and an old-school English teacher, I’ve been immersed in language and creativity since childhood. Writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design: if it involves communicating in words or images, I like it. And I’ve probably done it at some point. Check out my resume or look around the site. I’m also on LinkedIn.

If you’re asking about the dog: When I was a girl, I had a collie/shepherd mutt named Bernie. My sister and I would tie a bandana around his neck and call him Bandana Bob. When I launched my freelance practice in 1994, I wanted a business name that stood out and thought Bandana Bob would fit the bill.

My original logo was a 19th-century woodcut of a leaping beagle. Then I realized a childhood dream by adopting a bull terrier (a miniature bull terrier, to be precise). The uber-talented Christina Ullman used her digital magic to make a friend’s photo look like a woodcut. If you need a designer, I recommend Tina highly. If you need a dog that will make you laugh, listen to you selectively, and make you question your sanity on a daily basis, I recommend the miniature bull terrier.

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