Who is Bandana Bob?

If you’re asking about me: I’m the daughter of an English teacher who taught old-school diagramming. I started writing as a child; working with words is all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve done newspaper reporting and editing, magazine writing and editing, and publications for nonprofits and corporations alike. I’ve written two books and edited or proofread a bunch more. I’ve created Web sites from scratch and was an early adopter (among my age group, at least) of social media. Oh, and I’ve managed some big-time federally funded projects. I’ve been freelancing either full- or part-time since 1994.

Check out my resume or look around the site.

If you’re asking about the dog: When I was a girl, I had a collie/shepherd mutt named Bernie. My sister and I would tie a bandana around his neck and call him Bandana Bob. When I launched my freelance practice in 1994, I wanted a business name that stood out and thought Bandana Bob would fit the bill.

My original logo was a 19th-century woodcut of a leaping beagle. After 20 years, I updated to reflect my true canine love: the English bull terrier. I currently own two miniature bull terriers … or, more accurately, they own me.


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