About Bandana Bob

Who is Bandana Bob?

My childhood dog was a collie/shepherd mutt named Bernie, because his fluffy white fur with ginger patches made him look like a St. Bernard. When my sister or I tied a bandana around his neck, Bernie became Bandana Bob.

Years later I searched for a name for my new freelance practice—something different from plethora of companies named So-and-So Communications, or that used a pun about writing. Flipping through some clip art one day, I was struck by a 19th-century woodcut of depicting a beagle in mid-leap. And that’s how my business became Bandana Bob.

In 2010, a childhood dream came true: We adopted a bull terrier. A miniature bull terrier, to be precise. Bull terrier owners tend to gravitate toward each other, and I quickly found a lively bully community on social media. And once again I was inspired by an image—this time a photo of a bull terrier leaping through a stream. Time for a brand update! The photographer graciously granted permission to use the image; the wondrously talented Christina Ullman worked her digital magic, transforming a crisp color image into a simulated woodcut. If you need a designer, I recommend Tina highly. If you need a dog that will make you laugh daily, listen to you selectively, and threaten your sanity regularly, I recommend the miniature bull terrier.

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