About Bandana Bob

Who is Bandana Bob?

Bandana Bob is the name of my freelance communication practice. My parents were teachers—Dad taught art and Mom taught English. (She taught diagramming and assigned automatic Fs to essays containing misspelled words, run-on sentences, comma splices, etc. Yep, it was harsh … but by golly, everybody learned to proofread right quick.) Writing, editing, proofreading, graphic design: if it involves communicating in words or images, I like it. And I’ve probably done it at some point. Check out my resume or look around the site. I’m also on LinkedIn.

Bandana Bob also was a nickname my sister and I used for our collie/shepherd mutt. His actual name was Bernie, because he looked like a St. Bernard. (You don’t have a zillion nicknames for your pet? What’s wrong with you?) When I launched my freelance practice, I wanted a business name that stood out and thought Bandana Bob would fit the bill.

My original logo was a 19th-century woodcut of a leaping beagle. Then I realized a childhood dream by adopting a bull terrier (a miniature bull terrier, to be precise). Christina Ullman used her digital magic to make a friend’s photo look like a woodcut. If you need a designer, I recommend Tina highly. If you need a dog that will make you laugh daily, listen to you selectively, and threaten your sanity regularly, I recommend the miniature bull terrier.

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