Norah McFarlane Perez, award-winning author of young adult fiction

Corinne Colbert and I have never met, but since she has copyedited two previous novels of mine, and is now working on a recently completed memoir, I am convinced that I know her well.

Well, she’s smart, literary, and Irish, which is all you really need to know, but she’s also fast, funny, finicky and fair, and when she has finished stirring around the ingredients in a story,  I feel that my work is finally the best that it can be. That is a powerful feeling for any writer of fiction or non-fiction, since most scribblers need help.

 As she explained to me recently, “Writers have an affinity for language which isn’t just mechanics and syntax, the gift lies in using language to convey ideas and experiences. Fiction writers astound me,” and she went on to express her admiration for the wizardry involved in giving life to characters spun entirely from the imagination. “Leave the cleaning to the hired help,” she modestly concluded. 

That wizardry comment was cool to hear, but her own alchemy is the finishing touch that turns my efforts into something that glows a little brighter than before.  Corinne’s exceptional editing skills allow me to present my work in the most professional way possible—that is her calling and her expertise—and it is something I value.  Corinne is the best. Underlined. Period. And let’s add an exclamation point, too!